Wednesday 22 August 2012

No Charge

Today was going to be all about how the foster litter are getting on, with lots of cute pictures, but unfortunately last night my camera was sans juice.

I was going to tell you about how the lump in Tombo's face has gone down and how the scabby lump on it had disappeared taking with it a chunk of face fur leaving a cute little dimple, but you probably couldn't come close to imagining how cute it is so there's no point without a picture.

I was going to tell you how on Sunday I moved their cage onto the bed base to free up more of the floor for them to play on, how the first time out one of them managed to climb all the way back up to go back into the cage just to wee, then climbed all the way down again. Without the pictures of the new cage position it won't be as clear what an achievement that was.

I correctly predicted that after a couple of adventures on the floor they would gain confidence and last night race about everywhere being utterly hilarious and that it would provide plenty of opportunities for the cutest pictures you ever did see. It did, but there were no pictures because the camera battery was flat.

So today, I will mostly be disappointing you by telling you what a wonderful time I had last night without being able to show you. Still, I can't not give you a bunny pic with this post, so here's a completely random and unrelated picture from a few weeks back of Toby having a nap, just to keep us going until I get the camera charged up again!


  1. at least we get to see cute little Toby.... what a sweetie.

  2. Thats ok cute little Toby will do just fine

  3. Of course you know that once you get the battery charged, nothing camera-worthy will ever happen again. ;)

    1. Of course it will, they're bunnies!!! ;-) Tho' there's probably something in that - I can't imagine them getting any crazier than they did last night, climbing up stuff, leaping off into the pile of pillows etc I took off the bed to make space for them, tearing round and running into each other. It was delightful mayhem!! :-)

  4. I still love hearing the stories! My imagination takes off :)