Saturday 25 August 2012


So, I told you about how I'd moved the little ones' cage onto the bed base last weekend, right? I.e. the cage is on the bed where the mattress would be. Well, it's been working out really well, with lots of fun playing with them on the floor. But unfortunately I've created a small problem for myself - they love it so much that now when I open the cage to change the litter trays, if I don't immediately help them out onto the floor for playtime they fling themselves through the opening like lemmings.

Thankfully no injuries so far, a couple of them even have it down to a fine ninja-like wall-run-type affair, but the "jump-first figure-out-the-landing-later" attitude of the others has me in frantic catcher mode whenever I have to open the little door. It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt, which in this case will most likely be me, diving across the floor with my arms outstretched...

"What? It's dangerous to jump out you say? Is this a good time to mention that I was only distracting you and that three of my sisters are already face down in the bucket behind you trying to right themselves?"


  1. Awww look at that cute little face,I wouldn't worry to much they will get it right,just let them figure it out,Speedy does it some times and he all ways lands on his feet

  2. Having youngsters in the house is always good for keepng you fit!