Wednesday 15 August 2012

Absolute Terror

The key to surviving a hang-out session with Rocket with all your fingers intact is:

  • Always know where his attention is
  • Don't lose concentration, even for a second
  • When you're taking his photo, never take your eye off him to look through the viewfi...OMG-I'M-GONNA-DIE!!!!

"Don't worry - I was just reaching for the next piece of parsley. But when the parsley runs out, so should you. Screaming."


  1. HAHAHAHA!!! Bunattitude right there.

    That's it, I want this bunny. Where do I sign?

    (Darn guys are probably really far away from me, and oh... Jamili and Ashy would probably have an issue with sharing their one bedroom apartment with yet another bun besides you know, me, the hoomin)

  2. I adore Rocket!
    When me and Phil visit we always think he has this super villain look about him.

  3. Rocket should be the next Bond villain!

  4. Me I think I'll risk life and limb for a snuggle and a snorgle,Rocket is just so cute

  5. A bit of a nipper, I take it? Better keep lots of parsley handy then.

    1. Try "extremely nervous-agressive" crossed with "excited puppy"! Actually he's nowhere near as bad as he was and all the volunteers love him now (despite most of them having been chomped by him at some point). I've always had a soft spot for him, but then he's not chomped me badly yet!