Tuesday 9 July 2013

Bunned It Like Beckham

"What? Too hot for a kick-about?"


  1. If it's anything like here, Whisky, it's most definitely too hot.

  2. That little bunn bunn is too cute. Forget outside, what are living rooms for anyway?

  3. Jane, cute for sure. Did you know that sweet bunneh face was peeled back like a fruit so he could have surgery performed. Can you imagine what a champion he must be to endure that postoperative pain? And still look this freakin' cute??
    Not to mention the love and devotion it took for someone to say, "yes, he is worth every penny" so he could have this (I am sure) very expensive procedure done.
    Only one in a million people would be so kind and merciful to a rabbit.
    See why I adore rabbit people???

  4. Rabbit people are the best!and a Whisky fix a day keeps the boggy man away!xx Rachel