Tuesday 16 July 2013

Leporidaeous Lump

There are two living families in the mammalian order Lagomorpha:

  • Ochotonidae (pikas)
  • Leporidae (rabbits and hares)

There are further subclassifications within these families, for example this rabbit specimen shown here, known as Bunnous Humongula, can be identified by its general blobular appearance and a tendency to eat while lying down.


"Don't judge me. Or if you do judge me, expect to be sat on. Now stop staring and pass me another leaf."


  1. I have one of those...she lies stretched out whilst eating all the grass within reach. Always makes me smile.

  2. She's what we Okies (and Texans) call A Big'n

  3. Rabbits do have an unfortunate tendency to looking like they are melting into a puddle when they stretch out lol

  4. Your Highness, I solemnly swear to you that I know no one from Texas who would say, nay, even think such a thing, ever, ever, ever. Now I do admit that there might be a little lese majesty, just a little, but all in the way of wolf whistles unseemly cheering and such like...Really these Oklahomans...

  5. I think all bunnies do this at some point,xx