Saturday 20 July 2013

Fly Me To The Gloom

I hate this time of year - not only is it way too hot for bunnies but there are flies everywhere. Flies, as you will know, are the enemy of the pet rabbit. They will lay eggs on your bunny that will promptly sprout larvae which in turn will burrow into the skin, feeding on the rabbits flesh and quite literally eating the rabbit from the inside out. Not fun and often lethal.

So I am paranoid when I have bunnies with uneaten caecals which might attract flies, or sick rabbits who can't clean themselves properly, or rabbits with injuries (bloody wounds as well as pooey bits are favourite egg-laying spots for the flies). Which of course means I am always paranoid about Whisky, though being inside my house-of-many-spiders with the windows closed reduces the risk.

Whisky has actually been pretty good and clean this last few weeks, but wouldn't you just know it, I came home today to find a great long pooey bit in his bottom fur, which just goes to show you can never let your guard down. And this wasn't the beginning of my stress - last night I found a similar amount of poo stuck in the long fur round Little Ms Lionhead's bottom. Then to top it all off, I found a wound in JJ's back from what I guess must have been a fight with his siblings in the last couple of days. (Note: JJ is not his real name, just his current nickname, shortened from his previous nickname of JJB, which was shortened from his previous nickname of Jar-Jar-Binkies, because he has a long face and long ears and kind of reminded me of the Star Wars character. Anyway...)

So yes, lots of stress this weekend and since you probably want to see a non-icky-poo-and-wound-free pic, here's JJ "enjoying" getting his wound checked out.

"Checking my wound? Really? Cos it kind of seems like you're just checking out my cute fluffy tail."


  1. Deep breaths, hopefully into a soft snuggle bunny's neck, take deep breaths with your mouth closed.

  2. Hehehe Jane I think you need a snuggle from Speedy,note to self tell Speedy to give his Auntie Jane a snuggle....