Sunday 28 July 2013

The Cleaning Review

"Stop right there, old man! I want every single one of those poos right back where I left them, right now, or else!"


  1. about the poos but could you make some more!

  2. He is a hoomin. What do you think he was thinking? Nothing. That is what he was thinking. It's all floof and hay dust up that nugget of his. That is what Whisky tells me, so it must be true....

    Love that expression on Bumber's sweetly ebil face!

  3. Apparently, Anne McBride's efforts to help you understand how a bunn feels has not resulted in any behaviour modification. Thank goodness, Bumper is a stand-up kind of bunn. As far as he is concerned you can keep your empathy just so long as he gets to keep, well, keep his stuff, too. If only your dream building project could be funded. Maybe then, there would be more room for Bumper's things, and you wouldn't have to come off as such a dangerous lunatic so often.

  4. This little bunny has such a sweet face. I just don't see how you could have done it.