Saturday 6 July 2013

Kids in the Shed

One of the things we did during my busy Wednesday was swap the foster bunnies around. Goodbye to Linenose, Spearnose, Tiny, Allbrown and Whitemouth (not their real names) who all went back to the Rescue, hello to Salsa and her six kids.

Most of the group were a bit nervous at first, perhaps the ride over sharing the back seat of Caroline's car with 12 wild rabbits didn't help, so I've given them a couple of days to settle in before taking any pictures. Even now, mum and a couple of the others still panic at new things like having cameras waved at them so I only have a couple of pics, but here they are. More squeeful cuteness to come no doubt!


" does this work? Do you just watch us eat or are you going to join us at some point?"


  1. ooooh they are adorable,Makes me want to sit in there quietly with them and let their curious nature take over as the come to investigate,xx

  2. I am with you, Speedy. Oh, I also think that is a legit question, deserving of a thoughtful answer, so the children will have a happy and healthy childhood.

  3. Now those are some classic beauties right there.