Friday 26 July 2013

Fur the Love of Snacks

"Arrgh! For the last time Romeo, they're not snacky pellets they're my toes!"


  1. Silly Bunneh!fancy mistaking cute bunneh toesies for snacks,xx

  2. Well, erm,well, erm, I think I see how it could happen. I was perfectly normal, perfectly normal, I tell you, until all of you out there started talking about toesies and nosies and earsies and all these other cute bunny parts. After a while, things got hard, very hard. What is a toesie and what is a snack? You know you want to kiss those little feetsies, too.

    1. I plucked my Jersey Woolly hot mess of a baby boy last night. All the extra floof came off his feet. What people see in rabbits as a food source is a mystery. They are so dang bony. I mean BONY. It is kind of scary because you do not realize how super tiny their bones are til you can actually feel them through just the skin and not padded with the floof.

  3. Ouch. (I kind of sense some blame thrown my way for this unfortunate event. Maybe I am just over sensitive.)