Thursday 4 July 2013

Little Floofy Excuses

So I was going to post a short sentence this morning apologising for there being no post ready, explaining how I spent all of Wednesday knee deep in bunny stuff (day at the Rescue, evening on a wild bunny release, cleaning out bunnies at home 'til 11pm), but then I thought "No! I've already missed one morning recently, I can't miss another...", but since I didn't have time to write anything for this morning I am afraid all I can do is offer this picture from yesterday.

Teeny baby bunny despondency at it's finest.



  1. This is baby bunny perfection!Thank you for a lovely start to my day!

  2. Day old bunny! What is the world coming to?

  3. We are having a national holiday over here, you know! And what do we get? Day old bunny! Oh, you don't care about former colonial riff-raff? Well, be careful. It's not like we couldn't send you a picture of a cute bunny and get even.

  4. The Redcoats are coming?
    NO, the FUZZBALLS are coming!