Thursday 5 July 2012

The Earl of Nappington

"I sense that to my left someone is watching me. It makes me feel somehow uncomfortable, so I start to run. I am running, running, and yet I am getting nowhere. Still I am watched, still I try to run, still I make no progress, so I stop. I feel a cold hard wall to my right. I lean on it for support. There's a noise, a beep, a click. I lift my ear to listen. It falls against the wall and stays there. I try one last time to run, my feet fail to find the ground beneath them, at first I think I am moving at speed anyway, but if I am then the wall follows along side me at the very same pace. I still my fluffy feets. I pause. I look within myself and find there a gentle calm. My nose twitches, I exhale, I relax. Somehow this place of strange things suddenly feels like home. "



  1. aaww so cute,I almost want to scoop him up a snuggle that little bun but I don't want to disturb his dreams...zzzzzzzzzzz

  2. such a sweet fast asleep; wonder whether he remembered that dream when he woke up!

  3. Just thought you would like to know that this blog has been nominated for the Illuminating blog award by Speedy Please take a look at his latest post.xo Speedy's mum

  4. Lop is short for flop!

    So much for to watch them when they're sleeping--as long as you know to check for breathing beforehand. :)