Monday 30 July 2012

The Queen Jubilee

I thought you might like to hear what is happening with our lovely tempered giant Jubilee, after her failed bond with Whisky.

With Whisky out the way it was back to plan A, to bond her with fellow volunteer Sharon's house rabbit. Sharon's handsome giant could be Jubilee's male doppelgänger, so similar are they in size, look and colouring, so they certainly looked like they were meant to be! But whether it was her experience of bonding with Whisky or that her new friend shared Whisky's lack of bunny etiquette, their together time soon turned to fighting and unfortunately Jubilee ended up with a trip to the vets to have her side stapled back together.

While we consider whether to give the couple a second (very carefully supervised) chance, Jubilee is enjoying her recovery time roaming the Rescue like she owns the place - taking naps in the shade, keeping the paths free from grass and introducing herself to all the neighbours. If things are not looking to work out with Sharon's buck, who knows, maybe Jubilee will take matters into her own paws and find herself a husbun!

"No I don't read the blog - why didn't you tell me you already have two wives??!!"


  1. even with her little bald patch she's gorgeous. I hope you have better luck with bonding next time.

  2. Awwww, poor Jubilee! We will be thinking many good thoughts for a quick recovery and a loving husbun for her.

  3. oh dear poor baby I'm sure Speedy feels for her too after have his leg stitched up ,the stitches are out now though