Tuesday 31 July 2012

Snap, Tip and Munch

We had a reporter and photographer over from one of the local Cambridge newspapers last week and they asked if I had any tips on capturing good bunny snaps. Being very experienced in this area, I have lots of tricks I use to near guarantee I can catch a great shot of any bun but of course, under pressure, my mind went completely blank.

The one tip I did eventually manage to dredge from the depths of my ageing brain was that if you give them a nice snack, such as a pellet or a piece of parsley, there is often a brief moment just after the last bit disappears into their cute little bunneh-mouf when you get a happy-and-stationary bunny, right before they lunge forwards and mug you for the next bit.

Well anyway, it doesn't always work because SOME bunnies will mug you for the next bit while the last snack is less than halfway gone and in those cases you just have to accept that the best you can get with this technique is a content looking fluffball with a huge bit of foliage sticking out of their face.


  1. Pssssst, Whisky--you have some parsley in your teeth...

    (Heeheehee, he does look adorable like that. :) )

  2. Awwww thats so cute and now I have a double happy a Whiskey fix and a extra long cuddle with Speedy this morning

  3. Whisky always makes a good bunny snap.... he is the most adorable and photogenic little fluffball - even with a mouthful of parsley!