Sunday 8 July 2012

No Comment(s)

I have an odd problem with Blogger. I have tried leaving comments on this blog and the blogs of those who comment here only for the comments to disappear when I click the "Publish" button. Sometimes they appear later, so I guess in those cases it could be a browser caching problem or a server clustering thing, or on other blogs it could be comment moderation that it is not telling me about when I post. But usually they just disappear never to be seen again.

I strongly suspect it's a browser or browser setting problem, but here's the odd thing:- Blogger is owned by Google and yet when I try using Google Chrome it NEVER works. Sometimes it works in Safari. Comments always work with IE7 (yuck!) on my work laptop, even though when I log in it tells me IE7 is no longer supported and I should try using Google Chrome!

So apologies if I rarely seem to reply to your comments on this blog, or if you are receiving repeated comment from me on yours when I try again in frustration. Now you know why!

I did try asking Whisky what he thinks the problem is, but he was NO help.


  1. well whiskey is only interested if it is for his belly then again thats the same for all bunns,never mind eh

  2. sounds like a good plan Whisky!

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  4. Oddly enough, I started using Chrome because it worked so much better for me with Blogger than IE9 did. I was having massive problems with commenting a while back, but not so much these days *knocks on wood* Supposedly, clearing out your cache and making sure the "keep me logged in" option is unchecked or off reduces or eliminates the glitchery. I ended up just eliminating word verification--being a suspicious wench, I was already approving any and all comments anyway, so why bother with verification? If I do get duplicate comments, I just post one and delete the other, so no worries. :)