Monday 23 July 2012

Work Distractions

My role at the Rescue is as a trustee/director and of course I am also a regular volunteer. So this means as well as attending meetings, answering lots of emails and taking part in important decision making, I also try to spend at least one day a week on site cleaning, feeding, grooming, taking photo's or whatever else needs doing. On top of all this, which of course is not paid, I have a "day job", which is. My job has nothing to do with bunnies, but it is flexible enough that it allows me to work from home whenever I want to and take time off at short notice, like when little fluffy ones need rushing to the vets. The hours can be long, but again they are fairly flexible hours, so I can usually balance everything without too much of a problem. In short, I am very lucky and very much appreciate having the job that I do.

So as I mentioned, sometimes I work from home. I am a very diligent person, so when I am at home working I am still very productive, despite the opportunity for distraction. For example, when I look up from my desk I usually see something like this...

...and if I look out the window or step outside I generally see something like this...

Then there's other times I work at the office. The view inside is pretty much like any other office (I'll spare you pictures of that) so the only bunny distraction I do have is one of our bunny calendars on the wall. (OK, plus the ever-present temptations of the WWW of course!) But if I take a stroll outside my office it often looks like this...

(If I look out the window it looks the same only slightly further away!)

I have my work appraisal today. I am half expecting my boss to ask me, knowing of my bunny obsession, how on earth I get so much done. I think I shall have to tell him that I have absolutely no idea.


  1. life is good when you are happy in your work,that's how you get so much done

  2. Bunnehs make everything better, even if they are occasionally a distraction. :)

  3. The sight of bunnies is so soothing for the busy soul.