Thursday 12 July 2012

Registered Charity Status

Two good things happened yesterday.

The first was that we were finally able to announce that the Rescue has been granted Registered Charity status. This is a very important step for the Rescue and would never have happened were it not for the tireless efforts of Vicki and Colin. The process has been long and time-consuming, but the results will hopefully bring many benefits for our work with rabbits.

The second good thing was that there was a break in the weather long enough to get Whisky out in the garden. In fact I pretty much only lumped these things together in the same post because I thought you would rather see a picture of Whisky than one of all Vicki's paperwork!!!

"OMG! This grass has gotten so long that even I can nom it!!!"


  1. congratulations to you all for gaining charity status; and long may the sun shine so little Whisky can enjoy that long luscious looking grass!

  2. congrats to getting the charity status and its good to see whiskey out in the sun and looking adorable as ever