Friday 6 July 2012

The Vaccines

Whenever something new comes along, there is always a brief window in which fairly ordinary citizens can set a new record in relation to it. You could for example buy the latest budget Volkswagen on launch, hammer it round the Nürburgring on public track days until you had it licked, then set the record for the "Quickest lap time in a Mark X Polo whilst dressed as a banana". You might even hold that record for several days, feeling all pleased with yourself until someone else comes along in a satsuma costume and trashes your time. Anyway...

In the UK we have a new bunny vaccine out this year, which for our little fluffy ones combines protection from two very unpleasant and deadly diseases - VHD and Myxomatosis. Having witnessed them first hand, I can promise you that you do not want to ever see your little companions suffer and die that way. Don't risk it, vaccination is a must (assuming of course that it is permitted in your country). Previously we had two separate vaccines, an annual VHD and a six monthly Myx vaccine. Since they couldn't be given at the same time, this meant at least three trips to the vet each year, even if Mr & Mrs Bunny never got sick (more if each bunny's vaccines were due at different times). But now with this new vaccine, we only have to put them through that stress once a year, with the side benefit of reducing the total cost of vaccination. All of this is a good thing (except possibly for the profits of your local vet practise, or for a rabbit relying solely on their vets to detect health problems).

Elvis has, as best as I can tell, decided he wants hold the record for the highest number of trips to the vets to have the new vaccine without actually getting it. So far he's had three. The first attempt was aborted because the vet was unsure about the timing of the new vaccine with his previous one, then the next two were for (different) illnesses that mysteriously manifested on vaccination day and quickly disappeared.

Well you've been rumbled, Elvis Bunny. And I'm sorry, I'm not waiting for the call from the Guinness Book of Records, you're getting that shot next time even if you sneeze buckets of snot over the vet...

"Really? Cos I think I already have something in my calendar for...which day was it?"


  1. heehee bunnys they know how to put the guilt trip on heehee

  2. I'm taking my two next week... I hope they don't manage to do an "Elvis"!

  3. Bless his little fuzzy self! :)

  4. clever bun, we don't any vaccines for bunnies in the US, there is some sign of Myxie, so rabbits in those areas have to kept indoors epsecially during mostquito season, but it is also spread by fleas.