Tuesday 19 November 2013

Access Denial

As you can see below, having added a chomp-shield to the breakfast barrow, the snacks are now completely safe from a certain pair of piggy bunnies who think it's a self service buffet.

"Huh? What's this about? Oh well..."

I mean, you know, mostly.



  1. Stone, stone, stone, I say! Someone has a heart of stone!

  2. Silly Human! Rabbits have been raiding gardens for years. If they can pilfer (that which is rightly theirs by Divine Mandate, of course) from the most protected garden patch, what makes you think veg in a barrow is safe?

  3. You've hurt her feelings for sure, and there she is still able to chomp through her tears. Well, she's a brave hearted lass...goes off sniffling to find a hankie of her own...

  4. Never underestimate a bunny with a goal, especially if said goal is crunchy or nummy.

  5. Thank you, Lalis. I see it all now in its true light - the triumph of the bunny spirit (over meanies).