Friday 8 November 2013


"No, YOU go out in the cold dark garden and play, I'LL stay in the nice warm house and lounge on the sofa, let ME know when YOU get bored and want to come back in."


  1. Yes, yes...that is what I would describe as being told. Such a lovely way to inaugurate a new day or to bring another perfect one to a close. The Bunny Knitting Society has seen to it that Whiskey's indoor garden path has FINALLY been mailed. You should have heard us being told off. The Bunny Knitting Society/Society of Knitting Bunnies has something they call The Great Chastisement. It is only invoked when their humans do not get their knitting in the mail. The piece of their handiwork on it's way to Whiskey is supposed to be spread down the hall (or perhaps worn by Whiskey's human as a muffler, but only when it is necessary to muffle him or when he is engaged in bunny chores in the cold) to run along anf think of all the fields that await him in the spring. This path has the extra feature that the threads are not woven in. This is actually an ancient tradition representing the tendrils of our lives, connections. As far as bunns are concerned, it allows them to quickly taste test the yarn before deciding which piece of the work to attack first. They also give humans a chance to intervene before much damage is done to the knitted work. As has often been noted on bunny blogs, intervention is only recommended for those who feel they have led a rich, full life, as intervening in a bunny's affairs is prima fascia (sp?) evidence that one is too foolish to live, and appropriate action is usually taken. Should any of the rest of you find that your bunnies prefer paint ball skirmishes to decorating eggs, offer them knitting ad an alternative craft to keep little bunny paws busy. Our experience leads us to believe you will not regret this move, especially after you see your bunny "creatively re-imagining" this time-honoured pastime. Do not deprive your bunny of this creative outlet because of the expense. Remember, no matter the price, yarn is very inexpensive by the hour.

  2. Another wet, cold evening, Whisky, I hope you are once more lounging on the sofa!

  3. I love those kinds of mornings. Get fur all over him, Whisky, then let him out in the damp cold. What is worse than being floofy in the damp cold? Being floofy in the damp heat!!!