Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Enhanced Rabbits

OK, so I was sorting out a few posts for this week and wondered (again) why the pictures looked so ropey on the blog compared to how they looked on my computer. After poking around in the help forum I discovered that Google's recent Google+ integration was running all my picture uploads through "auto-enhance", which was trying to lighten the blacks and blacken the lights. This explains why I had some oddly coloured and textured bunnies of late. Well anyway, all sorted now. When you see Hawaii tomorrow, be sure to tell her how pleased you are she no longer looks so blue!

In other news, I have been fostering super-floofy Neroli over the past week. She was all grumpy this evening after a visit to the vets to check on some dental problems, so to perk her up I let her have the run of the landing for a couple of hours. THE landing. Whisky's landing. Where (one of) his blanket(s) is. Which is now covered in Neroli poo (and judging by the smell, possibly a bit of wee). Which he watched her do. So anyway, it will soon be time to put her to bed and let him out again. Now that the whole area is covered in her scent, what could possibly go wrong there?!

"Fine, give him the landing back, it's sleepy-time soon anyway."

"Open this gate! There's only so long I can cross my legs to hold back my response you know..."

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  1. About photo "enhancement" - we are doomed! About Hawaii - the poor little lamb could use a bit of good news...what a family she has. About B-HV - actually, this is more to him - actually there are too many responses...and none would match Whiskey's. Off to bed with me...