Wednesday 20 November 2013

Breakfast Bandito


"Shhhh!!! Do you mind? He's sleeping. You just leave the breakfast, I'll eat my...err...half... and Bandit will eat his when he wakes up..."


  1. I bet you fell for it, too, BHV. Suckuh! I would be a sucker, too. Look at that GORGEOUS bunny! I can see why stoopid hoomins would kill a bunny for their floofiness. But why do something foolish and wasteful and cruel like that when one can simply have the warmth and disapproval of the living floof? People are dumb.

  2. I admire bunnies a great deal, perhaps as much as it is possible to admire fellow creatures. They have many fine qualities. Nevertheless they are singularly without honour when it is bunny breakfast time. I hate to be the one break this to you, B-HV. I have never seen bunnies fight over food, well, perhaps a little nudging, but they can be very sneaky.