Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Floofy Neighbour

"Shall I tell you what happened to me yesterday? Are you sitting comfortably?"

As he stepped from the back of the building, Whisky spotted the box and knew immediately what it was. A bunny taxi – those things you walk in the front of, a metal door shuts behind you and you find yourself whisked away across great distances (often to places you don’t want to be, like an audience with “The Vet”). The only question was:- where was its passenger?

Moving around to the front of the taxi, Whisky found the door closed and no-bun inside. Empty. Empty, but for the lingering scent of somebun not unfamiliar. That grumpy little fluffball that recently moved in to the next apartment in his building. Something was afoot and Whisky didn’t like it. Had she tailed him here? What was she up to? As he was trying to figure out his next move he spotted a familiar face staring off into the distance just a few feet away. An unsavoury character he referred to merely as “The Human”. A mine of information, here was someone who certainly would have the scoop on his mysterious neighbour. Time to get some answers…


Neroli watched the little grey lop rubbing his chin all over the outside of her taxi then scamper across to where the overweight human sat on the step. She could barely hear their words from her hiding place in the shadows of the wall, but even so she could guess what the subject of their conversation was. The time for watching was over. Time to take action.


Whisky saw a brown ball of floofy fur come floating across the paved ground and stop a few inches in front of him. She didn’t come at him with the same lightning speed that she had that night he’d accidentally wandered into her apartment, but still he felt caught slightly off guard. Was she merely making a dramatic entrance, here to talk? Or did she have a more violent method of communication planned? Not sure how to play it, Whisky stood his ground and waited, tail in the air ready to react.

The next few seconds were a blur. Fur, teeth and someone shouting at the two of them in a panicked voice. Then she was simply gone, as if she had been lifted off the ground and flown away. When Whisky caught his breath, he noticed her taxi was gone too.


Back in his apartment later, Whisky flopped on his blanket with the mornings post. Between the junk mail and overdue bills for bulk carrot orders, there was a parcel from Auntie Jane - a nice scarf for the winter. At least that was one thing to cheer him up. Whisky put it to one side and made a note to ask the human to take a picture of him wearing it later in the week.

What was today's drama about? And what happened to the mysterious and floofy neighbour? Despite a complete lack of clues, Whisky had a feeling the incident might just turn out to be the first chapter in a much longer story...


  1. Wow, talk about A Game of Thrones. What happens next. I need to know...

  2. Whiskey's little eye doesn't look so good. I sense the need for a make it well kiss. The "thing" Whiskey received is only a scarf if he doesn't like it and gives it to you or someone else who wants to wear it as a scarf. What it really is is a special indoor or outdoor path for Whiskey to scamper along until the spring grass is back to meet his little feet. It's his emergency bunny trail. Every square is supposed to remind him of a field of something bunnies like. I love those pictures of him running down his path In your back yard. He looks so close to lift off. The bunnies think the "thing" is mostly made of silk and alpaca blends. They are not sure. The first thing they do with their yarn is chew up the labels. As I may have mentioned, our bunnies knit because they do not play nice with Easter Egg paints, but I would not want anyone to think the transition has not been without the odd problem. The bunns had us wash it in cold water on the hand wash cycle of the washer and hang it over the shower curtain to dry. Silk is supposed to be a good filter, so it would make sense for Whiskey to hand it over to a volunteer who has to be careful about breathing in hay dust. Our bunns are fine with anything Whiskey decides. As a warren they believe it is the thought that counts. We will not go into what they mostly think, but they do believe it counts. They want Twizzel pinups.

    1. Whisky's eye actually hasn't been too bad the last week, but this picture was taken just before his face bath last night. He has a bald patch with a small bit of fur growing back in the middle which is why it looks odd.
      Anyway, Whisky and I thank you for the kind gift. There will be a photo at some point, whether it is him wearing it, walking on it or eating off it I'll leave to him! :-)

    2. Dear B-HV, No need to worry about photos. I am sorry to have gone on and on and on about the "thing" but I seem to have very idiosyncratic e-mail, only functioning occasionally. The long post is the one way I have of knowing a message has been received. Anyway, definitely let Whiskey have his way with the "thing". Thank you for taking such good care of him and so graciously allowing our bunns, the Austin chapter of his fan club, to express their enthusiasm for their blog idol.

  3. I meant to say "hang it over the shower curtain ROD."

  4. Oh boy. The girl bunnies don't know what a great catch Whiskey is.

  5. Brandi, if you search Neroli, you will find she is aggressive, mean, and a sadistic tease. I was hoping for better for Whiskey. Oh, heck, he is probably madly in love with her.

  6. Poor Whisky--gotta watch out for those floofy girls, they're nothing but trouble. At least, that's what I've heard from Mr. Mick.

  7. Eek! Can't wait how this turns out!