Friday 1 November 2013

Meet Ferguson

Between the weather and the need to crack on with the cleaning (rather than sitting around taking pictures), I have been a bit short on new photo's of hilarious bunny antics recently. But with so many bunnies in our care, one thing I am never short of is bunnies to introduce to you!

So today I want you to meet one of my current favourites, Ferguson. Until recently I had not really taken any special notice of him, but when I was trying to get his picture for the website I discovered he is quite the character. Playful, friendly and highly amusing, I think I may have found a new friend to spend my lunch breaks with!

"Oh, hello blog readers, nice to meet you! Now if you'll excuse me, we're having a tug-of-snacks competition with the bunnies across the way later and we need to practise."

"OK Mira...and...go!"


  1. Awww gorgeous,reminds me of Thumper,xx Rachel

  2. Playful, friendly, highly amusing? Dude, he is wrinkling his nose at your shoes, and he is doing it straight into the camera. Any stand up comedian would be proud of that look. This is going viral and when he is a star of late night TV, he is going to reminisce about getting his big break at RRR.