Saturday 23 November 2013

Feet Up For Fifty

Another tiring day at the Rescue today. It was just the right amount of cold and wet to REALLY make my fingers hurt(dropping wet slippery run roofs onto them didn't help). Glad to be home in the warm. Think tonight I'll just pour myself a hot cup of coffee and watch the Dr Who fiftieth anniversary thing on TV with my feet up. I wonder if Whisky will watch it with me or just hide behind the sofa?

"Why watch it when you can be in it? Tonight I'm going to play the Doctor's lesser-known floppy-eared companion, Lago Morphia. He always saves the day with a thump and a disapproving glare!"

Hmmm…now I'm not sure which of those is going to be more entertaining to watch...


  1. There's a rumour there's a horribly written story or two involving Doctors and Bunnies over at Fuzzy Creatures. (and not those evil v-e-t type doctors who like to stick cold things in personal places.)

  2. Lago Morphia. Sounds less of a sidekick and more of a super villain.
    "That is DOCTOR Lago Morphia to YOU, meat sack!"

  3. Lorna that story is perfect and very funny....we want more pleasa,xx Rachel

  4. What is a run roof? People in the UK drink coffee? If Whiskey is hiding behind the sofa, why don't you change the channel to something he would like? And what about his hot drink? Oh, and domination of the universe requires rethinking the Daleks. I like your suggestive photo.