Tuesday 26 November 2013

Winning Stroke

"Hello up there! Could I get a nose-stroke down here?"


  1. Oh I would love to give you a nose stroke,and a cuddle and kisses and any thing else you want,xx Rachel

    I know Jane...Speedy is My first Love don't worry,xx Rachel

  2. I am concerned, Rachel. It is bad enough that Brandi throws herself at every bunny in sight, but I had hoped you would comport yourself with more dignity. Speedy is a very special bunn. For starters, he is my nephew, for seconders, he is in the public light and interviewed constantly by the media. How do you think he is going to feel when someone catches him off guard with a question regarding your fealty to this Knight of the Realm/Pirate? Is it fair to risk him embarrassing him with questions like, "And now, Sir Speedy, about this Houdini fellow and Rachel?" Sir Speedy's Mum must be above reproach.