Saturday 2 November 2013

Right Guard

Boadicea has become ever more cunning with her raids on the breakfast barrow. Well aware that I disapprove of her helping herself to whatever she fancies, I no longer find her with her face in the food. Rather, whenever I return to refill the snack bucket, I find her at a suspiciously reasonable distance from the barrow looking very nonchalant.

"Oh, I'm just over here taking in the bright autumn morning, minding my own and all!"

Yes, Boadicea, of course you are. But this reasonable distance is probably about the same distance a tubby bunny could get in the time it takes between hearing my approach and my rounding the corner, leaving just enough time to adopt a casual pose.

So I think I might need to enlist a volunteer just to guard the vegetables.

"Can I volunteer for that? It sounds like something I'd be good at!", Boadicea, I think I need someone...taller.


  1. hehehe an awesome Pirate bunny!xx Speedy

  2. Ah, the warrior queen is getting ever more cunning. Well, Roman, watch out.