Tuesday 5 November 2013

The Reason Escapes Me

Am I getting old and starting to lose my mental function? Or is somebun playing magic tricks with my brain? Can senility begin at 40? Or was I hypnotised? I don't know how it happened, there's nothing in my memories to explain it, but when I got home I discovered that a huge number of pictures on my camera were of the same bunny.

"You're feeling very sleepy...or was that me? No wait, I remember - I'm feeling hungry, you're feeling guilty and neither of us have any carrots."


  1. No, somebunn has tricked you,, and again, no, you were hypnotized. Check your pockets for a receipt. This receipt should be for some astronomical number of extra fancy carrots.

  2. But that is one cute Bunny,see you in a couple of weeks,xx Rachel