Sunday 3 November 2013

Just Another Sunday

"Ah ha! Having bought you in the local pet-human shop, I shall now stick you in this tiny cage with no room to exercise, to be bored all day staring out at all the tasty grass in the garden you can't reach! See how YOU like it!"

Me: Yes Whisky, very funny, but you know I'm not one of those kind of humans. Now can we go indoors? It's getting cold out here. I'll pick some grass for you to eat inside in the warm.

[5 minutes later]

"When you said 'eat' I've chosen to assume you really meant 'spread evenly across the lounge'. Now, about my REAL dinner..."


  1. Hehehe Whisky Great job at being the boss,xx Rachel

  2. Whisky is putting on his winter coat and weight. He looks yummy.....for me to SNORGLE!!!