Thursday 21 November 2013

Merc Face

"If I were a car I'd be a drop-top Benz!"

Sorry Roberto, but your badge is upside down!


  1. Note to readers: When I drafted this post Tuesday I put "Merc Face" as the title to remind me what picture to put in it. Then I got caught up in bunny drama yesterday and forgot to change it. The *actual* title was of course supposed to be "Car Face". So there you go.

    1. Bunny drama? I hope it was good bunny drama -The Tempest in the Breakfast Barrow? All's Well That Bunnies Think Ends Well? Much Ado About Nothing That Is Important to Bunnies? Seriously, let everybody and everybunny be okay.

  2. "Rollin' in my Benzo
    Hoes on the curb a couple of friends
    Rollin down my window..."

    Sorry, every time I think of Mercedes, I think of that stupid rap "song".